Your air conditioner will run more cost-effectively and efficiently if it receives regular maintenance. Continue reading to find out more about maintaining an air conditioner.

To guarantee effective performance, air conditioners need regular maintenance much like any other mechanical device. Fortunately, many AC repair jobs may be completed without contacting a specialist.

How often should ac units be serviced?

Change the filter’s parameters. Throughout the cooling season, you should clean or replace the filters in your central air conditioner and window air conditioner at least once a month, depending on whether they are washable or not.

A higher rating implies greater filtration, but a higher rating also means more energy is required to pull air through the filter, so you’ll want to strike a balance between air quality and energy expenses. Check the filter’s MERV rating, which for house AC units should be between 1 and 12.

Fix the AC units that leak.

Duct leaks may restrict airflow by up to 30{9fdba14f03cbbf716fb346f1ce9dce3fef9c0d4120cd911d8a09fad471b97b8c} and are notoriously difficult to adequately seal around air conditioning window units. To find any holes, use the time-tested “smoke trick”.

It is considered to be beneficial to burn incense at the intersection of the window mount and window frame for an air conditioner. If your home has central air conditioning, you should keep the stick near the ducting connections. To prevent leaks while the smoke is being circulated through the room, lay foam between the window air conditioning unit and the window frame and tape it as necessary. For ductwork, use foil tape to cover small gaps and duct mastic for larger ones. Proper ac repair is needed there.

Use a timer effectively.

When you’re at the workplace, you shouldn’t have the air conditioner running nonstop. Installing a programmable thermostat will allow you to boost the temperature of your central air conditioning while you’re away and drop it to a more comfortable setting when you arrive home.

Most home improvement shops sell timers for between ten and twenty dollars; however, before making a purchase, you should confirm that the timer’s voltage is compatible with that of your appliance. Leave the system running if you won’t be gone for a long time; otherwise, the air compressor will have to work harder to chill the home when you return.

Insulate to keep the inside at a comfortable temperature.

Even in warm attics or crawl spaces, the ducts may be wrapped to keep the air within them at a more tolerable temperature. You may utilise rigid foam, spray foam, or batt insulation for this purpose. Instead of using duct tape, foil tape may be used to seal rigid and batt insulation. In small rooms, Reflectix and similar coverings may be useful since they provide some insulation.

Service Your appliance’s compressor or condenser

The optimal location for condensers or window air conditioners is on the north or east side of the house, or a screen may be installed to block the sun’s rays. If they are put in an area where they are exposed to direct sunlight, they may lose up to 10{9fdba14f03cbbf716fb346f1ce9dce3fef9c0d4120cd911d8a09fad471b97b8c} of their effectiveness.


Compressors and condensers for central air conditioning systems are often placed close to the building’s base on the outside of the structure. Clear a 24-inch radius around it of obstacles, such as low-hanging branches, grass, bushes, and leaves, to optimise performance.

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