Whenever someone is intending to invest in a new home, it is highly recommended that they get a home inspection in Sydney, so that they can secure their investment. Many homes, whether brand new or old, can have a lot of defects that may not be visible to those carrying out a visual inspection of the property, but these are evident to experienced and certified inspectors who have been doing this job for many years.

During a building inspection in Sydney, the inspectors will check the entire property, both external and internal, and check for structural and foundation issues, electrical and plumbing issues, problems with the roof, ceiling, walls, and floor as well as many other important areas of the house which can be both costly to repair and pose a dangerous hazard for the occupants of the house.

When considering getting a home or building inspection done, it is very important that you have a professional, experienced inspector to conduct it. Here are some tips on how to select a good home inspector to carry out your home inspection in Sydney.

  • Find an inspector first – If you are on the market for a new home, then make sure that you do an extensive search and find the inspector first. Because time will not be on your side once you select a house you like, and for this reason, you may have to go with whoever you come across. However, if you search for a good inspector before you go house hunting, then you know you have someone good ready to step in and do the inspection no sooner you find the right property.

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  • Be careful of referrals from your real estate agent – While there are very trustworthy real estate agents around, there are also many who are not. Getting a home inspection is for your safety and peace of mind, so it is best that you find someone yourself, rather than going with someone who has been referred by the agent. It has been found on many occasions that some inspectors tend to give a report that is more satisfactory to the real estate agent than the client, therefore being careful about who you get is always good.
  • Do your research – Sometimes it would help to ask friends and family who have recently bought a new property if they could refer you to a good inspector or inspection company. If not, the best way is to check online, taking into consideration the reviews and comments made by other home buyers.
  • Check credentials – Many of these inspectors are certified by certain authorities, and those that have such certifications are those who can be trusted to providing you with a good service since they will not want to lose their accreditations with negative feedback. However, even in such a case, it is highly advisable to vary regarding their performances, because accreditations and knowledge don’t necessarily mean that they are able to do a good job. They need a good level of past experience, and of course, again, customer reviews regarding their service can be helpful.

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