If you want to make sure that your house or building is waterproof and has structural integrity, you must use roofing installation Cedar Falls. Call Community Builders to start your roofing project, whether you have a leak that needs to be corrected or it’s time for a durable replacement roof.

Roof Inspection

Often, the procedure starts with a careful examination of the roof that already exists. Roofing professionals can use this to evaluate the state of your existing roof and spot any problems that might need to be fixed before installation.

Roofing Material Selection

Community Builders can help you select the best roofing materials for your requirements and financial situation. Choosing from options like asphalt shingles, metal roofing, clay tiles, wood shakes, or other materials may be necessary.

Tear-off and Removal

The old roofing components must be removed if replacing an old roof. This includes removing any damaged roofing materials, old shingles, and underlayment.

Roof Deck Preparation

It could be necessary to reinforce or repair the roof deck. Before beginning roofing installation in Cedar Falls, Community Builders will ensure the deck is in good shape.

Roofing Material Installation

The actual installation of the selected roofing materials is done in this step. The roof deck is secured with shingles, tiles, or metal panels following manufacturer recommendations and standard procedures.

Flashing and Ventilation

Flashing is put in place around roof openings like chimneys and vents to stop leaks. Proper ventilation systems are also essential to maintain the roof’s lifetime and control the temperature in the attic.


Since 1962, Community Builders has offered various roofs, siding, windows, and doors. Following installation, they will ensure your property is in good condition.


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