Roxy Glass LLC provides various services for businesses and commercial properties relating to glass installation, repair, and maintenance, just like in many other sectors. Commercial glass in Bellevue often includes the following services:

Installation of glass

Glass of all kinds, including storefront glass, curtain walls, glass doors, partitions, and windows, can be installed by Roxy Glass LLC. The glass can be altered to meet the commercial property’s particular size and architectural specifications.

Repair of Emergency Glass

Accidents occur, and broken glass in a commercial building can compromise security. Roxy Glass LLC offers emergency repair services to resolve any glass breakages or damages as soon as possible.

Installation and repair of glass doors

Glass doors are frequently found in business buildings. These services can install and fix glass doors, including frameless, automatic sliding, and revolving doors.

Installation and repair of windows

Roxy Glass LLC can replace or repair Commercial buildings’ windows to maintain their security and energy efficiency.

Glass Dividers

For generating open, well-lit workplace areas, glass walls are frequently used. Glass partitions for offices can be installed and maintained by Roxy Glass LLC.

Security Glass

Commercial glass in Bellevue services can install safety glass, intended to reduce the danger of injury if it shatters, in areas where safety is a concern, such as restaurants or industrial facilities.

Services for Cleaning Glass

Glass surfaces must be cleaned frequently to remain presentable. To keep glass surfaces immaculate, Roxy Glass LLC provides routine cleaning services.


You can rely on Roxy Glass LLC to complete commercial glass work correctly. They are a pioneer in Bellevue for commercial glass services and are experts in installing, replacing, and repairing windows and doors.


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