Is it possible that evil or restless spirits are to blame for the problems you’ve been having? Some people believe that lighting a purple candle and reciting Psalm 11 is the best way to deal with this issue in the traditional sense.

This ancient practise is said to have strong spiritual qualities that may aid in the banishment of evil and the restoration of peace and tranquilly in one’s life. In this article, we will go through the steps you may take to cleanse your home of evil or restless spirits using a purple candle and the scripture from Psalm 11.

So, What Exactly Are Bad Or Lethargic Ghosts?

Many religions and civilisations believe in the existence of “evil” or “restless” spirits. These phrases are used to describe entities that are blamed for bringing negativity, chaos, or harm into the lives of individuals or communities. Similar to ghosts, demons, and other terrifying spirits, these critters have been associated to the onset of calamity. The afterlife may also have anything to do with them.

Some people believe that these ghosts can be drawn or attracted to specific humans or places, where they can then cause a wide range of problems, from the merely annoying (such as strange noises or an unpleasant vibe) to the potentially life-threatening (such as physical illness or mental health worries).

A person’s religious or spiritual beliefs are the source of the concept of evil or restless spirits; it is not considered a scientific or psychological explanation for negative events. It’s also worth remembering that diverse cultures and faiths provide different interpretations of the world and its mysteries. The products from nu-botanics can be helpful in the process.

When the candle flame is purple, what does it mean?

The Sabbath and Jewish holidays are the occasions when the royal purple candle is lit, signifying royalty and the soon coming of the Messiah in Jewish tradition. The “shamash” candle, also known as the “helper” candle, is the candle used to ignite the other candles in the menorah.

Many people associate the lighting of a purple candle with the coming of the Messiah and the promise of a new period of peace and prosperity. The hue purple has long been associated with opulence and wealth. A Sabbath candle symbolises the presence of God in the home and serves as a reminder of the value of the holy day.

The purple candle has also been seen as a symbol of the bridge between the material and ethereal realms. The fact that this concept is often linked to the colour purple lends credence to this interpretation. It might also be a metaphor for the spiritual journey one takes to get to know God better and see the world through God’s eyes.

Why is the candle purple, and what does it mean?

Advent, the Christian liturgical season that starts four weeks before to Christmas, is marked by the customary lighting of a purple candle. The purpose of the purple candle during Advent is to symbolise repentance, hope, and the nearness of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.


To drive away evil or restless spirits, one must first purify the space with the use of a purple candle and the recitation of Psalm 11. Make sure it’s quiet and secluded so you can focus without interruption. Place the candle in a safe location where it cannot be disturbed or cause a fire, and then remove everything from the room that may potentially obstruct your view of the flame.

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